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Do you count your sexual partners?


Counting sexual partners. Is that something we do without wanting to or is it something we do to brag about (in case of men)? Who knows exactly the number of people they have slept with and why?

I remember around 10 years ago that I really wanted to have sex with so many people as my age that year. Do you think this is silly?

I’ve reached around 40 people so far and I’m not 40 :))


Maybe that was a silly ambition to reach a certain number of sexual partners. However, I think a larger number helps everyone because that’s how we learn what we like and don’t like and even discover things we never thought of.
I don’t really know my number, but I do remember the most important ones.


I think we tend to forget some people we slept with maybe just once when we were drunk or something and keeping track only helps us not to forget them. I have had both men and women, out of which it’s easy to remember the women because they weren’t as many as men. I don’t know the exact count, but I try to at least know how many tens of people were.


I stopped counting because I think it’s irrelevant. I find pleasure in sometimes remembering those I didn’t think of in a really long while. When I’m emotional, I actually think a large number is sad, but then I get horny and it all goes away. Bring them bitches! hahaha


I think everyone has a general idea about how many people they’ve slept with.


Well for me I have an idea on how many ppl i slept with, but not an exact amount. If a guy is unremarkable I usually forget him after a while.


Bien sûr, les poupées en silicone sont aussi vos objets sexuels.