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Have you ever jerked off/masturbated with a friend?


This is a really popular topic right now. Did you do it? Would you do it? Explain!


Nah, who is so casual with a friend? Like hey Jerry, what should we do now? Oh let’s watch some porn and jerk off!


I think that would be weird.


Most straight guys would be terrified of this kind of thing, get very phobic and so forth. Even though, if you cut out all the layers of social anxiety, most guys would probably have fun in a scenario like this if they could strip away all the pretense.

You could probably get around that if you had a woman involved, guys are more apt for MMF things than just two guys… but it wouldn’t be the same… that guy only time with porn has a different appeal than sharing it with your female lovers.


In Europe for example, most guys don’t accept MMF type of threesomes either, not to mention jerking off with a friend.


Jearking with a friend is too gay. We must be jearking off alone, brother!!! Or, with a girl!!!


yes I did it with one of my friends and we ended up having sex :stuck_out_tongue: