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No, reaming doesn’t keep you or him safe from STIs, it’s quite the opposite. Why? Because the skin around the butt is thinner than the one around the vagina. If a tear or a cut appears while you’re doing it bareback, you can be sure you’ll have a sexually transmitted disease very soon.

A good idea would be to book a guy only if he has proof of being free of any STD. Better yet, use condoms instead.

  1. Pregnant? No butt sex for you

If you want to give birth to a healthy baby boy or girl, avoid doing it Greek style if you’re pregnant. Remember the bacteria we told you about? If it gets transferred from your butt to your honey pot, you can land in trouble.

Also, taking it up the ass when you’re expecting a baby gets really painful if you have hemorrhoids. Many pregnant women get them, because they’re one of the most often side effects of pregnancy.

  1. Take control, ladies

The guy or girl you’re with might want to call the shots during anal sex. You should be the one to do it, especially if it’s your first time trying this position. Tell your partner to start slowly and, when you get comfortable enough, allow them to increase the speed while going deeper and deeper. Communicate with your date at all times and the whole experience will feel amazing.

  1. Foreplay all the way

You like getting in the mood for missionary and other positions, right? Do the same with butt sex. Your anus needs a sex toy or a lubed fingertip to expand slowly. Muscles around the area will soon relax and you’ll be mentally ready to feel a penis inside your butt. Have fun!