Slave girl must lick all her body

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Slave girl must lick every inch of her body clean

Her mistress had already said that during their sexual escapades, she was allowed to touch her mistress as much as she wanted and wasn’t this morning just a continuation of last night? Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to truly show her mistress that she was devoted to servicing her body?

Still conflicted, but doubting she would be punished for this, Angela slid down under the blankets and slowly crawled between her mistress’s legs. She wished she had the opportunity to kiss, lick, and suck every inch of her mistress’s body, showing her how much she worshipped her beautiful body. But now was not the time for that. Angela settled herself between her mistress’s legs and began to slowly lick up and down between her pussy lips.

She was just trying to get her mistress sufficiently wet, to allow her to slide her tongue into her pussy. Satisfied, Angela then slowly slid her tongue directly into her mistress’s pussy until her mouth was pressed against her pussy lips. She then began to slowly lick as deep as she could into her mistress’s pussy.

She felt a small movement in her mistress, but didn’t hear he say anything, so Angela continued to service her mistress’s delicious pussy. Angela had to fight to keep her own movements slow and her moans quiet, to avoid waking her mistress to soon.

She was surprised that she had come to love going down on her mistress so quickly. Just last night she had never had any experiences with other girls. She remembered being scared and nervous, both at the act of being with another girl and by the thought of not being any good at it and so being cast aside by her mistress. She remembered the tingling in her own pussy as her mistress had ordered her to strip in front of her, and then admired and fondled her naked body.

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