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what are your sex tips?


Hello everyone,
Listen up.

Flatten your tongue. Stop trying to use the tip all the goddamn time. Think of it… sort of like an ice cream cone. You know the satisfaction of leaving that wide thick line and seeing how far around you can get? That. Do that. Ice cream.

Don’t stick to the clit. Inner thighs, outer labia, bellybutton down… Worship the entirety of the space, don’t look for the cheap easy orgasm. If you’re going to be there for 20 minutes like some women need won’t you be bored in one spot? So will we.

Grab those thighs and YANK them into your face. Pull her into you thinking “I will fucking have this because I need it.” Take one hand and grab up her ribs, her nipples. Whatever you can reach. Pull her legs up over her head and grab her neck or her legs and wrap them around your neck. Squeeze.
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Slow the fuck down. Yeah yeah the whole start neat and end it like a dog getting a fresh bowl of food. You know what? Sometimes stay slow. Savour. Everything. Her scent. Her taste. Which things make her move and clench. Remember it. Be present. Look up at her every once in awhile. God, she looks sexy, doesn’t she?

Leave the clit. Yeah, make her wait. You made a trail, worshipped her slow and then dug into those good spots. Now leave them. Remind her you crave every fucking inch. Not just the sweet spot. Rub your cock between her lips, or your hand and then go back down like it’s new territory. She can be edged as well as you.

Vocally tell her. Talk. You love her scent? Say it. How big/small her lips are? The way she archs or pulls away shyly? How loud or quietly she moaned? Put it to the centre of attention and then absolutely praise the fuck out of it. Out of her.

Be absolutely proud of the woman who goes past her insecurities and lays her vulnerabilities for you to see. And show it.